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Business Improvement Consulting

AutoCSI offers the highest quality of in-dealership consulting and analysis in the market today. Since 1995, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best in the Automotive Industry.

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In-Dealership Consulting -

Business Performance 360 Assessment

  • Auto CSI Real Time 360 feedback tool used for development purposes. It collects feedback from a variety of sources (self, managers, peers, direct reports, internal customers and others) regarding an individual’s performance. Feedback reports provide practical, well-rounded insights into job performance, strengths, and development needs, as well as paint a comprehensive picture of the specific skills that an individual needs to develop to enhance performance. It also provides a basis for creating an individualized, actionable development plan.
  • The Assessment includes:

  • Real time Emotional Intelligent surveys of your last 100 customers
  • Customer survey analysis
  • Management and employee phone evaluations of both sales and the fixed operations sides of the dealership to get a complete picture of your dealerships EQ
  • Presentation of the findings and suggestions of improvement are provided
  • Final Improvement Plan based on the findings and dealer approval
  • Customer training courses based on the needs of the departments and the individuals

Management, Sales and Service Staff Training

  • Sales Management - Training the sales managers will increase productivity and staff exhilaration from the new management methods they will learn.  The learning curve is not a stretch and at the end of the day everyone leaves satisfied.
  • Sales Process - Your sales staff will better understand their customers and meet the needs better and more efficiently, closing deals quicker, with more gross and better CSI.
  • Sales Follow-up - Follow-up is essential in any business and it is a forgotten art of how to complete the customers experience with a great caring follow-up.
  • Service and Parts Management - How to manage your front counters and service drives by getting higher productivity out of your employees while maintain a high morale.
  • Service Drive Reception - Your service drive team will better assist the customer, driving ELR and hours per RO while having the highest CSI in your district.

OEM and Supplier Information Services - 

Suppliers and OEM’s like JD Power, Apex, BI Worldwide, Maritz, Ford, Nissan and VW have used the services of Bill Norred and AutoCSI to provide a information on real life process in the retail automobile business for both the sales and service.

AutoCSI’s experience with Lexus, Mercedes and Acura on the luxury side has brought both training programs and curriculum to the forefront.

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